Do you...

Ejaculate in 5-7 minutes or less ?

Masturbate daily or more out of frustration or stress

Worry about your ability to bring a woman to orgasm through penetration

Spend a lot of time in your head, and feel somehow disconnected with your body

Feel driven to look for sex or masturbate to satisfy sexual urges that never seem quite satisfied

Think you might be Addicted to sex

Feel tired or low, or anticlimax after ejaculation

Feel a need for sex, but often disappointment in how it turns out, like there should be something 'more' 

Get horny in the day and distracted, feel not in control of your own body.

Worry your Penis may be desensitised, even numb, from repetitive masturbation

Use porn because you feel like you need it, but deep down feel a bit yucky about it 

If you are suffering in silence, feel like you cant  

or don't know who to trust to ask for help

I have a simple 3 stage, completely natural process that you can practice at home over just 3-4 weeks (or even less) to completely shift the way you relate to your body, control your sexual energy, and enjoy self pleasure on levels you haven't dreamed of yet.

Your PENIS will become your Powerful Friend instead of a demanding tyrant and your SEXUAL ENERGY will become your source of embodied Divine Masculine Power, Confidence and Creativity. Touching yourself will be an act of connection, deep pleasure and self love, not a quick, stress and guilt-laden, need-driven assault on that most precious and sacred part of your body

Sex with another, becomes a conscious choice rather than a 'need' and this, being a  respectful and loving place to come from, sets the tone for exponentially higher quality sexual experience all around.

How would it feel to re-connect with your body and discover the natural, Divine flow of your sexual energy wherein lies your power and peace, your spirituality, and your full potential.

Where Did We Go Wrong?

For a very long time, sex has been out of balance , especially in the west, because we haven't been taught about the flow of Energy in our bodies.

We've been taught mechanics, and consequences, actions and precautions, but we haven't been taught about connection, flow, beauty and power. 

Masturbation was guilt laden from early on because we've been taught shame about touching ourselves and about sexual pleasure as children and teenagers. So it got rushed, goal driven, and habitualised. We found the quickest way to get to orgasm and stuck with it.


Men often tell me they masturbate out of frustration, to relieve stress, so they can sleep, or out of boredom, mainly repetitive, and primarily for the high spot of ejaculation. 

It's a taking from your body, which leads to depletion, not an act of self Love.


Porn and the media stir desires to be satisfied but also set expectations and unrealistic ideals which, even if followed through, don't bring deep, sustainable satisfaction and fulfillment over time. The objectification and outcome orientation of media sex also creates pressure for both men and women to measure up, to conform, to perform, and shuts us all off from our natural Flow!


Sure, it can be hot, and feel good in the short term, but in the longer term unconnected, action, based sex leads to de-sensitisation, addiction, quick ejaculation, shut-down,separation and ultimately emptiness. 

This happens between 'yourself' and 'your body' and it happens between yourself and your partner.

5 minute Barrier - or Less - Why it's Not Enough!!

Did you know that the average time of penetration is just 2-7 minutes, but that to reach the deep levels of orgasm and be truly  satisfied, a woman needs more like 40mins AT LEAST  of penetration? (she probably doesn't even know that - likely she's never had one)

And did you know that in bringing a woman to this state of openness you also arrive at a completely new level of pleasure, and profound sexual discovery for yourself.


Sex, alone or with someone else, can take us into altered states of consciousness,hours of bliss, deep healing and even connection with the Divine if we choose to explore that.  

'Holding Your Sexual Energy' - YOU can do it. I can teach you!

Are you ready to feel Powerfully Sexual AND in Perfect Control?

This is a potent combination which will have huge positive impact on all areas of your life. Whats more, women subconsciously recognise a man who is holding his sexual energy in this way and it is highly attractive.

My Journey into Sexual Healing

I began my journey into healing sexuality 9 years ago.  I realised that I was completely 'shut down' after years of 'normal' sex. It had gradually petered out between us and eventually we split up. Exploring sexuality I discovered the ancient teachings of Tantra, and healed myself. The results were dramatic - I felt alive, sexual, confident, powerful and strong. I even suddenly Looked younger and I had a sense of deep inner calm and peace. 

Intimacy Dies and Couples Drift


I discovered how incredibly common it is for couples to drift apart over sex. How there are literally hundreds of men on dating and escort sites, looking for 'something' because what hey have, what they have been doing, is not working! Partners have gone off sex, men are frustrated, unfulfilled, unsure, isolated, and searching. Searching for Something that will bring that feeling of sexual fulfilment, of peace, control, masculine confidence and connection.

We Can Sort This Out !! - Taking the Pressure Off

I found I could easily shift men's sexual energy so that they were more sensually and bodily connected in sex, and so that their sexual energy would circulate, around their body, rather than building up down below, creating frustration, and fast ejaculation.

I just get it, and while the ancient teachings of Tantra can be a life long journey, I have repeatedly been able to teach men how to make the critical shift into more relaxed, blissful and longer lasting sex in a matter of just a few weeks, and even days.

My first paying client had a full body non-ejaculation orgasm after our first text coaching session. You can listen to an interview with him here 

I help to heal some of the problems in sex which I have seen causing misery, anxiety, frustration and alienation and bring it back to what it should be - a vibrant natural flow of divine energy both within an individuals body, and between each-other in loving  consensual relationships. 

If any of this resonates with you click here to send me an email with a bit about your situation, and LET'S TALK !!