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The book is due out later this summer and is going to be a game-changer in the treatment of PE and for the growing SR movement.

In it you'll find some of the factors leading to PE that no-one else is talking about...

What is penis rift, how that's contributing to your PE and what you can do to heal the rift.

De-mystifying steps to cultivate presence so that you can create greater intimacy in your relationships and discover whole new layers of self love pleasure EVEN IF you're on an SR path. 

Exactly the steps you need to take to make the shift to become master of your own sexual energy and ejaculation. 

Exactly how mastering your sexual energy relates to your health, wellbeing and happiness on every level and how you can fully benefit from that in every area of your life.

With clear, step by step instructions and guidance to take you through an achievable process of Transmutation. 

Helpful tips on how you can take your new practice into the bedroom to enhance your sexual relationship(s).

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