Release Emotional Blocks

Your body stores pain and emotions like , fear, shame , guilt, and inadequacy as  blocks in the  flow of your Sexual Energy. 

Some of the most widespread  causes of blocks that affecting  men's sexuality are

Infant MGM (circumcision) - this is a massive early inflicted trauma on the penis responsible for subconscious disconnect in many men

Early internalised messages about the genitals being rude, dirty, not to touch etc etc

Physical abuse 

Early masturbation done in a hurry with guilt, anxiety, embarrassment

Peer pressure and competitive, comparison of penises or bullying at school

Influences of porn  leading  to feelings of inadequacy .


Repetitive ejaculation-orientated, masturbation 

Embarrassing  or unhappy sexual experiences and comments from past partners about size/performance etc.

PE and lack of control creates a vicious cycle of anxiety and disconnection


Using Breath and Meditation  you can  clear the blocks ca Sexual energy, can move upwards again. 

This is the permanent solution to your anxiety-realated sex issues.

I've been teaching and facilitation deep Energy Self Healing for 20 years and if you're ready to let go of the old, heal on your deepest levels, and  shift your life to a new and fully aligned trajectory, I can teach you how to do it too.