1-1 Coaching & Healing...

30 min Chat & Help - Messenger Text                                    £27 

I hr  Healing/Coaching -  Zoom/Messenger                           £87              

6 x 1hr Healing/ Coaching - Zoom * SAVE 10%*                  £470        

Premium 1-1 Coaching/ Healing Package - 8 weeks 

Clear Blocks & Learn how to transmute sexual energy for personal development, healing, Effortless Natural Control and comfortable management of your Sexual Energy 

6 x 1 hr sessions spaced over 8 weeks
8 x 10 minute catch up calls

Ongoing message support

FREE MP3 recordings of all the exercises you need to transmute & master effortless ejaculation control

Additional MP3 recordings of your own unique healing meditations 

Sessions are on zoom, clothed and non sexual, though we can talk about anything  you want to share for healing and you wont be judged or shamed. You'll discover how easy it is to talk to me about things you might have kept to yourself till now, but there'll never be any pressure on you.


Confidential, professional yet genuinely caring service. I want you to succeed and will do everything in my power to see that you do.

I share with you proven techniques and personally tailored breath, visualisation and meditation so that you'll make dramatic progress within every session. 

You'll get the recording of each session and MP3 copies of the exercises so that you can master
techniques at the times most convenient to you and the comfort of your own bedroom.

You need half an hour or so, at least 3 to 4 times a week, of time alone for practice.

10 minute call offered between sessions so I can support you to maximise your progress.

If you work with me for 8 weeks, and put in the work, I personally guarantee your agreed desired results.

8 week Premium coaching package: £998  

So, if you've been hoping to find the real deal route to overcoming PE, quitting PMO or learning to transmute for SR and/or Effortless Natural Ejaculation Control, and you're keen for the one to one coaching that will guarantee you success.. Reach out now so that we can get started. ... just click the link below, so you can sign up for your first session, NOW !

Book with confidence - if after your first Premium Session you aren't 100% confident, for any reason, that my help is for you and we can crush it together, I'll give you a full refund of your course payment minus just the one session fee.