If you're already a highly driven and motivated man and you're ready to learn how to Correctly and fully Transmute your sexual energy  then I'm here to share with you exactly how its done and guarantee your success

Your sexual energy is a Bio-electrical charge in your body. It builds up in your groin and genitals and for most men, most of the time, is repeatedly discharged and wasted through masturbation or sex.

When you Transmute,  that energy can be  re-absorbed and circulated in your body and brain, and becomes the super-fuel elixir that  Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Ritch and that high impact driven men all over the world are now waking up to as a very real and potent phenomenon.

It's true, world- changers throughout history have spoken of Transmutation either by accident or design and now the secret is out .


Exceptional men who want to be the very best version of themselves in their Business, and relationships, creatively, sexually, and spiritually, are waking up to the fact that they  can  master the Art of transmutation and take every aspect of their lives to the highest  level of excellence and energy.


Learning to connect your internal pathways to enable total circulation and integration of your sexual energy is the missing piece of the puzzle of successful endeavour that embraces career, relationship, purpose and passion. Transmutation brings hitherto untapped resources of dynamic creative energy.

You become limitless and anxiety free in the bedroom as you develop natural comfortable control and are at last able to relax into sex.

Transmutation can also bring a sense of peace, connection, calmness and completion.


Is this about Semen Retention ?

Its up to you.

If you are practicing or aspire to practice Semen retention, learning the tools of transmutation is essential in order to reap the benefits from non-ejaculation. Transmutation is also essential for relieving the urges so that you can succeed in your retention goals. 

If you're giving up porn , transmutation is the most valuable tool for reducing sexual urges and will help you to heal and re-boot.

You might want to transmute during making love to delay ejaculation so you can last as long as you both want and still ejaculate at the end .


Transmutation  wont affect you ABILITY to ejaculate.

You can implement it to reduce your felt NEED to ejaculate.

Transmutation is a tool for managing your sexual energy .

Its your choice how and when you use that, and whether or when you ejaculate. 

Can Every Man Transmute?


Yes - you can. Transmutation is a natural process. You are designed to do it.

The reason most men DON'T Transmute is that stress and anxiety, especially around sex, creates blocks in the natural circuitry of male sexual energy and it takes some work to unblock it again.


Every man is inherently capable, but it takes a certain kind of man, committed to personal growth, prepared to do the internal work and  ready to embrace the resulting  power shift that is transmutation.

This is why the man who chooses to transmute is Exceptional. Most men think they can't do it,  have no idea how to go about it, and are even secretly afraid of the process of radical change and growth.

If you're here reading this, and you know you are ready to really own your sexual energy, then I can help you.

I have the process, perfected over years and tried and tested over hundreds of men

I have and the tools for you, which you can implement easily, in the comfort of your bedroom with just half an hour or so dedicated time 3-5 times a week, for 5-8 weeks 

I have the support for you, and the experience of professionally assisting men all over the world to transmute so that you can

Say goodbye forever for bedroom insecurities and worries over how long you can last so that you can relax into fully enjoying sex.

Choose whether and when you ejaculate

Recycle sexual energy for personal and  professional growth

Last for as long as you both want  in bed so that you can take a woman to the deep states of orgasmic ecstasy that most women NEVER get the chance to experience

Say goodbye to distracting and controlling sexual urges so that you can be master of your own ship.