I work with men and couples both in person (contact and non-contact options) and via phone/ messenger/skype etc. 


Would you like help with ...

Learning to connect more deeply with your own sexual energy and to feel and master this flow in your whole body, rather than in the genitals solely

Premature ejaculation


Delayed ejaculation

Sexual anxiety/ inexperience/ wanting a safe space in which to learn and gain confidence

Learning to experience full body orgasm

Learning to delay ejaculation or orgasm without ejaculation

Learning how to connect more deeply with a partner

Raising the quality of your touch to pleasure your partner and take love-making to a new level for you both

Reconnecting with a partner when intimacy has been lost - through touch which may be nonsexual or sexual. I can work with you both on this

Discovering ways to enjoy touch through massage etc which don't always need to lead on to sex.

Finding new pleasure in Masturbation

Reducing porn dependency.


If you'd like to talk about any of this, please contact me in complete confidence via my contact page with some information about yourself and what you might be looking for. We'll arrange a 30 - 45 min phone chat and if I am able to help you and you feel you'd like to work with me, we'll take it from there.