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Body Massage 

My body massage combines Tantra with Swedish, is highly intuitive, deeply sensual and given in a spirit of unconditional love and healing. The strokes encourage the flow of your energy throughout your body and mind. I will put you at ease and you can totally relax into the experience, where there is no expectation of performance or outcome. It is simply your time to connect fully with your body and feel the pleasure of intimate touch without pressure. 

Learning to experience arousal in this relaxed and non goal-orientated way can help with premature ejaculation, erectile anxieties, numbness & delayed-ejaculation, sexual anxiety and stress. This way of 'being' in sex paves the way for more blissful and fulfilling sex with a partner and more deeply satisfying masturbation too.

The massage is tailored to your wishes and may include lingham massage and/or prostate massage.

Price :£120/hr, 2hr min.

Lingam Massage

Massage of the penis where the journey is every bit as important as the destination... taking the time to explore the infinite pleasurable sensations which can sometimes be overlooked in the pursuit of climax. Tantra invites us to relax into pleasure, with the help of the breath, and to 'ride the waves' as pleasure builds and is then circulated throughout the body and mind, only to build again, and again. There is no pressure to perform in any way, and it is quite normal for erection to come and go during Lingam massage. You may finish with a happy release, or remain in a state of warm soft arousal, or perhaps experience full body orgasm and retain that energy which can be a transformative experience. 

Price - Lingham massage offered as part of body massage only . £120/hr, 2hr minimum

Prostate Massage

The prostate is sometimes called the male G-spot as it's capable of giving incredible pleasure when stimulated. Yet for many men this element of their sexuality  remains unexplored, partly because of taboos around how it is most effectively reached- by lubricated and careful insertion into  the anus though it is also possible to massage it to a certain degree externally, through the perineum. Prostate massage  opens up completely new doorways to pleasure and a man's experience of sex. 

Physical tension and emotional blockages (often a contributing factor in sexual problems) are commonly held in the pelvic floor, and massage of this area can gently release this,  promote an overall increased sense of well-being and connection with self as well as more balanced sexual function.

Massage may also help reduce symptoms of enlarged prostate.

Price - As part of full body massage, £120/hr (2hr min)

            Prostate massage alone £150/hr