Transmutation - Nofap, SR & Healing

If you're giving up repetitive masturbation and porn and/or embarking on a Semen Retention (SR) path, you have my greatest respect. I'm 100% supportive of you and want to help you, if you will allow me, to reclaim your sexual life force energy and allow your body (especially your penis) to recover.


Many men committed to these journeys keep failing because they don't know how to transmute their sexual energy or have energetic blockages and disconnections which stand in the way of transmutation.


If your Sex Energy stays stuck down in your groin and genitals you will keep suffering with sexual frustration, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and probably keep relapsing, undoing all your efforts and feeling worse each time you do.

Being able to Transmute your energy UP and CIRCULATE it is crucial for success on your NoFap or SR path. It can also be the path to healing past trauma and reaching your highest potential in every aspect of life. 


If you haven't found the way to transmute you're not alone. 

Most of the advice out there is incomplete, or contradictory and confusing and energy blocks can be difficult to clear if you're not sure what you're doing.

Through 30 years experience of working with Energy, I've developed a step by step process for teaching Transmutation which brings balance to your Sexual Energy and is the fundamental, natural solution to most sexual challenges faced by men.

If you follow my teaching and guidance, stick with it, and don't muddle it with other teaching and processes while you're working with me, I personally guarantee you will learn how to transmute and this will give you the solid foundations for long term sustainable comfortable control and management of your sexual energy. 

Blocked Energy

Un-Blocked Energy

"Amanda, If only I had embarked on this journey 20 years ago! I have experienced numbness from porn and masturbation requiring an escalation to reach orgasm. Now I no longer feel any need to watch porn, which used to be the norm. I even sleep better now and feel generally less stressed at the end of the day."


''The breathing really helps. Now I can get aroused and enjoy the soft feeling but not feel I have to masturbate. I can touch without orgasm also. I feel for the first time ever, in complete control of my sexual urges. It's a powerful feeling !!''

''I can go for 20 min and orgasm without ejaculation, u trained me so well, its been 4 months now since I started, I no longer count days, its my life style,

I was in a relationship before, I divorced 3 yrs back, I was also suffering from PE, which caused me to have low self esteem, but now I'm a new born man, full of confidence, I gained muscles, my hair is growing thick, and my skin shines like never before, I attract a lot of pple when I go out, its so amazing.

im in a new relationship now, and i still do semen retention, she knows and she supports me,

Thank U Amanda my mentor !!''