Premature Ejaculation (PE)

I Can Help You!

I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of premature ejaculation and I know how it can affect relationships and self confidence for a man AND his partner. I've been there and I've felt the emptiness, the frustration, and the sense that you're drifting further and further apart. Sadly not everyone is open to seeking help. 

Some years ago I started to explore Tantric sexuality, although for many years I'd already been teaching straightforward breathing and relaxation exercises, helping people with stress and anxiety in a completely different context.

I realised that if you combine some of my very straight forward  relaxation and breathing techniques with a change in masturbation style and just a little bit of basic understanding of Tantric energy flow, its possible to completely TURN AROUND the cycle of anxiety and tension which lead to over- excitement and UNCONTROLLED EJACULATION. And I've been teaching men to COMFORTABLY CONTROL their ejaculation ever since.

Is this how you feel ?

If you can't control your ejaculation, are you:

  • afraid to get involved with a new partner even though you'd love to? Perhaps you avoid getting too close for fear of getting into that situation and the embarrassment of coming too quickly.

  • Are you already in a relationship which is suffering because of PE ?

  • Is your partner left unsatisfied after sex, feeling rejected, unloved ?  

  • Are you left feeling inadequate and unable to do anything about it, unable to show her how much you really do love her?

  • Perhaps the strain of PE in your relationship is leading to arguments. You both feel on edge, don't know how to communicate your feelings around whats going on.

  • Do you feel NOT in your full power as a man because you cannot control your ejaculation? Perhaps even feel you are falling  apart in some way, not fully 'together' and in control, and  this extends beyond the bedroom and is affecting other areas of your life.

I Can Help You



This is your Masculine Inheritance!!

It is within you and I can help you to find it again.