Premature Ejaculation (PE)

I teach the guaranteed safe, comfortable, completely Natural, and eventually effortless way for you to overcome PE permanently so that you can make love to your partner for as long as you want to and put bedroom insecurity, and anxiety firmly in the past.

You may think you can’t overcome your PE, but I'm here to tell you that you CAN

Here are some of the reasons men tell me they can't:​

  • Penis is too sensitive

  • Wife won't like me spending the money

  • Tried things before

  • I don't believe in myself enough

  • I'm too ashamed to work with you

I've heard all this before, and here's the thing.

The guys who work with me overcome PE.

Every single one of them.

They get to feel confident and happy, to relax into enjoying sex. Their partners are so grateful they made the decision to seek my help.

Sadly the men I speak to who decide NOT to work with me, and go it alone, usually don't overcome their PE.

The truth is, men going it alone to overcome PE will usually fail because there is no clear correct and  complete path out there to help you.

Most current advice has critical gaps in it, or is down right counterproductive. Its based on an outdated and harmful paradigm of male sexuality which is largely responsible for why you're where you are at right now. It focuses on concepts like 'performance', and perpetuates the sense that your penis is some king of sex tool rather than the precious and beautiful part of you that it is, in need of integration and understanding.

Going down that route can be highly confusing because you are moving the problem rather than solving it. Sooner or later your PE may recur even worse than before or you'll  suffer from swinging emotions, maybe anger, frustration or unbearable urges that drive you to masturbate in secret. You disconnect even further from your lover and are unable to be present with her in love making because you have to concentrate so hard on your penis performance.

Many men just take no action, hoping PE will go away, on it's own. They continue to feel miserable and ashamed, using numbing addictions and diversions like porn masturbation, food and alcohol. Their health, businesses and relationships get stuck in a downhill spiral usually ending  in break up or divorce with all the financial cost and heart-break involved in that.


Effortless control is man's natural state yet uncontrolled ejaculation is endemic and 80% of divorce happens because of sexual dissatisfaction.


 What are you prepared to loose because of  PE ?

I've seen men spend money on creams, and drugs that are actually harmful and carry on struggling for months, even years until their self esteem is rock bottom, career has suffered as a result, marriages break up ...often their physical health goes downhill too as they life that you'll never get back.

The 5 stage process I teach is NOT about tips and tricks, this is a fundamental shift in your relationship with your penis and your Sexual Energy that will leave you in calm confident control of exactly when you Cum.

Typically my one-to-one clients go from lasting a couple of minutes to 20 minutes within 3-4 weeks and once you're on track things will just keep on getting better.

It saves relationships and will change your life. 


Don't ever underestimate the effect it is having on your relationship if you have PE and your sexual life is strained and awkward, tense and anxious.


Its not good for YOU to be living with the guilt, shame and anxiety of NOT being able to control your ejaculation, and it's not good for your sexual partner(s).

Can you imagine, after following my program, partners  who didn't want sex at all start asking for MORE because the sex is suddenly so GOOD.

And if you don't  have a partner right now, this is the PERFECT time to work on your skill-set as a lover so that you can feel confident to go and find one, secure in the knowledge that when you do, you're both going to really enjoy your sex-life together.

When you follow this training and take up the practices, you're going to rank in the top 5% of men for lasting in the bedroom guaranteed. This is really a priceless gift that you can give to your partner, and the greatest gift ever to yourself.

When you Comfortably control your ejaculation it's going to change everything for you. You're going to feel empowered and confident, relaxed and happy, so that you can thrive in EVERY area of your life.  

Success Stories


Jon lasted 2 mins and he and his wife had strained, awkward sex. They both felt unconfident with each-other. After 3 weeks working with me on my PE program he was lasting 8 minutes upwards and more and his wife was sexting him at work. They were both having fun trying new positions they'd not had the confidence to do before. He told me ''we're both MUCH happier. Wow, Thank you !! AND last weekend I had the best orgasm I've ever had''.

Aleem suffered from PE and his relationship was distanced, edgy and uncomfortable. He felt emasculated, he and his wife had zero intimacy and he was drinking too much to numb this, which was affecting him professionally. His wife wasn't very supportive but he took the initiative and reached out. in the end she was glad he did! He practiced my Breathwork and Meditation techniques for a few days and felt immediately more confident, as if his penis was 'stronger' and 'bigger'. ( I don't know whether it really was, but this is what he told me he felt, and clients often report similar experiences, as if the penis wakes up and is regenerated )

After a month I asked how things were and he told me


''Hi Amanda I am good.

I am getting better and better each time and I have a lot of confidence now.

Yesterday me and my wife had sex 3 times

Each time we went like 25 to 30mins without any struggle

My wife's enjoying this a lot asking me make love to her more.

This makes me very happy.''

''When I first started to work with Amanda I was frustrated, lacked confidence and lived in a chronic sense of unworthiness. I couldn't see any way forward with my life. After Amanda started to help me shift energy blockages and release my emotional blockages, I can truly say my life is unrecognisable . Her unique approach is nothing short of amazing. A mix of guidance and unconditional love coupled with total discretion helped me to overcome so much stuff. I know her methods work, I would urge anyone to reach out to Amanda.''