I loved our meetings- you have the rare quality of putting someone completely at ease. Although I had some reservations beforehand,they all drifted away from the moment I saw your smile. Right from the start I put myself in your hands and enjoyed every moment. At no time was I embarrassed  with you.

Since I've been working with you (via e-mail) my need to masturbate has reduced by about half and I enjoy it much more. Now it's about taking my time, enjoying the sensations... I watch a lot less porn and I'm sleeping better too !

Can't wait to feel your energy again. The passion you have for this work is inspiring ! ( Tantric touch/breathing massage leading to non-ejaculation orgasm)

So now when I masturbate it has a completely different quality. Before, I was just w**** myself off for a release. Now I have a whole new level of orgasm, from deep within my core. Before this, I'd never even felt my core - never knew it existed ! I often masturbate gently now and just feel relaxed and really lovely. (Text coaching in breathing/relaxation/self-pleasuring)

That (full body massage) was the most amazing physical and emotional experience of my life. 

I'm finding new ways of connecting with my body, and new sensitivities and pleasures. Thank you for your guidance.

The prostate massage is very private and it was very special.... I loved it so much. The fact that I have your company and encouragement on this journey makes me more determined (to explore my own sexuality). Bless you Amanda x

Your amazing fingers and hands work  their magic . Another 2lb lost this week and I'm feeling really positive about the future. A big thank you for your inspiration and support. For sure it wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Amanda, If only I had embarked on this journey 20 years ago! I have experienced numbness from porn and masturbation. requiring an escalation to reach orgasm. Now I no longer feel any need to watch porn and I really enjoy my masturbation, even without the need to ejaculate if I choose.I also don't feel depleted afterwards , which used to be the norm. I even sleep better now too and feel generally less stressed at the end of the day xx (distance support via e-mail)

I remember how I felt nervous as the time approached for our session, and how easily you put me at ease. It turned out to be a beautiful experience. Something I will never forget.

For me, what I've learned about Tantra is hugely about trust and openness. I know there is a lot more, on a deeper level. It's about slowing down, taking things back to basics, and learning about yourself and eachother. I love the way you've made me feel. I feel expanded on all levels.

Your special gift ...being able to teach someone to 100% let go. It's trust, I felt it straight away, but I think it goes deeper than that too...that's why I leave myself in your hands. Absolutley no judgement. ( Touch and massage with breathing for Healing )

The breathing really helps. Now I can get aroused and enjoy the soft feeling but not feel I have to masturbate. I can touch without orgasm also. I feel for the first time ever, in complete control of my sexual urges. It's a powerful feeling !! (Distance teaching & message support )